Wednesday, March 17, 2010

product review

Have you feel tired in a day?.do you need an energy and getting back your energy?. Here, I could answer the problems are.If anyone or anybody whose always get tired, get sick, and having active lifestyle, I would suggested a product that everyone should tried it.They could also make it as the best alternative of solving from such health and energy problems.

Do you know about 100 Plus? I concern that everyone knows about it.It is an isotonic drink which specially formulated to hydrate and quickly replace fluids, energy and electrolytes lost during your active lifestyle, allowing you to perform at your peck.Actually, 100 plus effective on solving a few cases which involved health and energy problems.As example such influenza, fever, diarrhoea, dengue and also those who actively in sports.

Actually, everyone should try this product because it is suitable even from children up to adults.As a student of UiTM, here I propose to all my fellow students to try it and make it as your isotonic drink.It is as you could cover your body from having tired.While for students those who very active in sports, I think that is a best way to you by making 100 plus as your isotonic drink.Compare to other isotonic drink at markets I better suggest 100 plus as your choices.

From my experience before, 100 plus gave me such energy to make my everyday routines become smooth.At first I came to UiTM, I always got flu and little caugh.Maybe the place here was different from my home place.Also added by sorroundings here full of pollutions, it might cause me into illness.My body also got tired and weak.One day, one of my friends suggested me to used 100 plus as to cured from having flu and caugh.At first I didn’t believe on what he said,but I just tried it and do not concern on how those product could served me better.I might wrong because after I have drank about two glasses, I feel such comfortable and relief at my throat.My body also more healthy.Later, the influenza and caugh slowly better than before.

Started from there, I always used 100 plus as my best alternative to covered me from infected by flu and caugh.It is because, based on my experienced before, when I got flu, automatically in two or three days later,surely I must got fever.It always make me uncomfortable and diffilcult to do anything else.So, to avoid my flu getting worse, I always quickly bought a bottle of 100 plus isotonik drink and drank it as to make sure I didn’t got fever and caugh.Because I knew when it cames, it makes me uncomfortable,tired,weak and so on.

So, i surely suggest that everyone should use this product whether from children up to adults especially to my fellow students.I would suggest that all of you should use this product to keep your stamina and fitness while going to class.Moreover, from my sight, I found that lot of girls going to class by walking.while they walked on ladder and when cames to to class I could saw such faces of tired and breathe short quick breaths.So as to get back the energy,I suggest that “what if all of you bring along a bottle of 100 plus each one as your drink?”. I sure it might be expensive and cause loss of money compare to just bring mineral water only.But, sometimes why not if you try to replace by bring 100 plus as your drink as to make you become energetic.

I admit that 100 plus is relief towards me and also to my friends who proposed it to me. Do you ever heard that 100 plus was used in hospitals?. It were used by doctors to cured illness such diarrhoea and dengue.For such patients whose were infected by dengue,the doctors gave them 100 plus as electrolytes into thier body,it were taken by panadol to cured it.While for such cases of diarrhoea,the doctors also proposed their patient to drink 100 plus.As for result, it cured of diarrhoea by stopping the symptoms such vomit and defecate.It works in short times,as well as patients drink 100 plus they could find the results.They not feel tired,vamit and defecate as well as before.While for those who actively involved in sports,100 plus could make them fit and keep up their stamina.In spotrts, they could performs better by reducing tired and gasp compared by if they just drink such mineral water.

By that, I propose those who actively in sports should make it as your “battery to your body” by drink it everytimes while on sports as to make sure you keep fit always.100 plus could also became first aid kits,besides other kits such medicines.We should prepared for it and keep it on our refrigators eveytimes as to make sure we could get it when needed.I think everyone could bought it because its cheap and not expensive.At price RM 2.99 up to RM 3.20 per bottle(1.5 litres).I sure that everyone could have it and it does not became a burden to them.For those who wants to get it in a tin,they only have to spent about RM 1.00 per tin.It is credible compared to others isotonic drinks and kinds of medicines.You might not get any medicines at lower price RM 1.00 to cured types of illness and keep fit your stamina, but you surely get it with 100 plus.You just have to spent at lower price only RM 1.00, then you will get the results on a package,whether you tired,less energy,infected by diarrhea,dengue and flu,you just have to drink 100 plus isotonic drink in a bottle or more.

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  1. Hi Arif! I love to drink 100 plus. But, I do not know about the benefits until you write about it. Thank you for this information.