Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About me

Assalamualaikum to all of you and also to our lecturer,Miss Hamimda.firstly,i would like to introduce myself on this blog.As well as all of you know,my name is Mohd Ziarif bin Husain and now i am tweenty years old.I origin from Pasir Mas Kelantan and.before this i came from STPM 2007 at SMK kangkong Pasir Mas.

I have seven siblings in my family and im the fourth one among them.All of my elder brothers and sisters having their own job and family except my younger brothers because they were still at school.Do you know about my life before i came here? okey i will tell part of my life before i came to UITM.Two years ago after i've been terminated my STPM,i still be at home for a few months.To make money and realese bored,i tried to apply for working at supermarket unluckily,my fate does not side on me.All the places i ve been visited,but there is no vacancy for me.Starting from there,i became jobless one.Then,STPM result is out and  i tried to applied for the University via UPU(Unit Permohonan Universiti).But,i did'nt get it, There is no chance for me.At the time,all the feels came through my self such as ashamed and disappointed.I get shamed to all of my friends whose get the University.In oktober,i tried to apply for UITM and then i've been called for attend an interview for mass communication in broadcasting.But i refused it because i did not intrested to took the programme.Then,2009 is coming, i m looking job and i get it.At the end of year i tried once again to apply for UITM and Alhamdulilah i've been choosen but at this time i got for masscommunication in publishing.Even i do not interest it just like before,but i have to take and fight it for my future.

Okay,just leave out the story for awhile and back to the blog.Do u want to know why i choose "Arif" for my blog title? for me it is simple and easy for everyone to knows and remember who i am.It shown my own self because Arif is my nickname so i think there is a good way for me to choose it as everyone could knows me better and remember it always.besides,if u want to know there is a meaning behind the name."Arif" means knowledgeable.that means knowledgeable in just some cases only.hehe,.. If there is anyone who are confuses about forest and the trees on it, u could ask for me.because i've been working there for awhile.

About my personality,im quite one and low profile,basicly i dont like to be abstrusive.But it doesnt meant that i cannot become a polite guys and befriend closely with all.In blog,this is my first time on it, and i want to learn more about this on next time.There is nothing special about myself that i could shared with,but there is only one thing which i could share with others.Absolutely it is about my hobby,ago,when im free i always reading novel but not many of novels i've also like a sport such as playing sepak takraw.maybe this games seems very danger and rude.okeylah.. just all i can shared with everyone..